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Study Tool: Bible Reading Journal

Years ago I received a Chronological Bible Reading Journal from The Ezra Project, located here in Colorado. The $9 journal is spiral bound (a must for me!) and is designed for those who want to tackle reading the bible through in a year. This particular reading schedule puts the bible into chronological order. In various places in the reading schedule, you will jump around from book to book to keep things in order... which is a nice touch, to read it as it occurred.

The Ezra Project ( also offers a number of digital downloads to do the same thing, as well as another journal version that has a different reading schedule. But, this will be my third year using the Chronological journal - it's my favorite. My only complaint (and it's tiny) is that I journal quite a bit, so I end up using two journals to have enough pages. These are economical enough that I can take them to Office Depot and have two combined with a larger spiral binding at a cost of about $3.

This reading schedule can also be purchased separately from the journal, a whopping $3.50. This works well for those who choose to read/notate an e-bible or for those that use a journaling bible. Journaling bibles usually have a lined, extra wide margin for note taking. You can find some that have illustrations for coloring, which are fun!

No matter what you use, just get in there - crack the tight spine. Start somewhere. If you're exploring what the heck you actually believe, I recommend you start in Matthew (the first book of the New Testament) and go to the back of the book. Get to know who Jesus is first and then you can pick up the back story later.

If you're inspired to do a year-long study of the bible, please drop me a line and let me know! I'd love to encourage you along the way.

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