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Book Review: They Turned The World Upside Down by Charles Martin

Published 2021

Charles Martin is known for his fiction, but this is his second book in a completely different genre. His first book is cited throughout this one, so you might consider this to be número dos in your list of reads. (Although, I think you'd be fine to read this one first...)

HIGHLY suggest listening to this book and getting a copy of it, too. Charles Martin's voice speaks the emotion of his heart, while he pulls back the veil to help us see Jesus in technicolor.

Life is messy. It should come as no surprise that the exploration and demonstration of our faith might be as well. It was for the disciples. Like Peter recklessly diving in the water to reach Jesus on the shore cooking fish and bread, though he carried the shame of disowning Jesus three times before sunrise, this book challenges believers to get completely submerged, clothes, skin and all. Water behind (and in) your ears. To leave the boat and expect the Lord to be waiting, with provision. He challenges us to abandon any shame we might carry for the restoration we can count on to receive. That, is the beauty of our faith. No cleanup necessary. We can go to Jesus in whatever state we find ourselves and find Him waiting.

So thankful for this book and the reminders it contains. And it should go without saying, I'm also thankful for the ragtag band of followers who carried the message forward through time to my soul.

I truly loved this book and plan to read it again.

Review: This book (in my opinion) is anointed. Biblically sound but does contain portions of biblical/historical fiction to shed offer new perspectives.

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